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Kicking off Our Annual Winter Hog Sale

Whole Hogs  $3.35/lb. 

Total Cost
ss small.jpg
Half Hog  $3.55/lb. 

Total Cost $285-$320
Cut to your Specifications
Locally Raised and Processed

Raised & Packaged
on our Family Farm

100% Montana

100% Delicious

Shoulder Cuts_edited.jpg

- Since 1974 -

Family Owned & Operated
No Hormones · No Steroids

Fed Locally Grown Barley

On-Farm Butcher Shop
Farmer/Butcher Direct 

State Inspected

We love being your local meat shop!

Taste The Difference
Old Fashioned, Slow-Barrel Curing 

Real Hickory Smoking


- Farm To Market Beef -

Farm To Market Beef is raised on grass/hay & never given hormones or medicated feed to speed-up or enhance growth.  The beef is finished on a special barley based feed ration designed to maximize marbling without producing excessive fat. Delivering exceptional quality & ensuring delicious flavor.

-Grass Finished Beef Option-

Our 100% Grass-Fed Beef are finished on lush summer pasture. Grass-Finished Beef is typically leaner and delivers a unique wholesome flavor.  Orders will be filled during August & September months. Place orders in the spring to ensure availability.


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