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 If you ask your mom or grandmother, chances are, they have their best PORK CHOP recipe memorized. Well this week we have one that YOU will want to memorize! The buttermilk, the fresh herbs and hint of lemon will guarantee tender chops and a satisfied palate! The thickness of chop is your preference and this recipe works for both our center-cut pork chops (bone in, 3/4" thick, pictured above) and America's cut (boneless, 1 1/2" thick), however grilling times may vary.  Always feel free to make a special order if you need a specific thickness.  



2 cups buttermilk

2T sea salt

2T sugar

1T grated lemon rind

1t chopped fresh rosemary *(1/4 t dried)

1t copped fresh sage *(1/4 t dried)

4 bone-in center-cut pork chops

2t freshly ground black pepper

Cooking spray


-Combine first 6 ingredients in a large zip-lock plastic bag and shake well to dissolve salt and sugar.

-Add pork; seal and refrigerate overnight, turning bag occasionally.

-Remove pork from bag and discard brine. Grill on sprayed grate for 4-5 minutes per side or until temperature reaches 145 degrees.

* Fresh herbs really make the recipe, but you can sub dried herbs if they're not available!


Yields 4 servings.


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